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About the Mission Trip 단기선교에 대하여

About the location & Pastors

  • Location : Kaibeto, Arizona

  • Local Pastors :  Pastor Young Ho Lee, Pastor Stan Patterson

Ministry Content

  • VBS, Community/Medical Service, Street Evangelism

​2023 Mission Information 

  • Date :  7/9 - 7/14

  • Duration :  6 Days

  • Number of members : 40 People (HW, E-High)

  • Application :  4/23 - 5/14 (4 weeks)

  • Fee : Up to college $150 / Next & Up $200

  • Age : 10 Yrs & Up

Message From The Team Leader 단기 선교 소개글

About the region and Pastor : 

Missionary Youngho Lee has been serving Native American missions in Arizona for the over past 10 years.


About the short term team's ministry : 

Our mission team will do VBS, community service, medical ministry, street evangelism, and intercessory prayer by stepping on the ground to serve indigenous children as well as village adults..


About the mission team : 

After the establishment of the United States, despite being the original owners of this land, we hope that the gospel of the kingdom of God will be preached in this arid land through love and service to our Native American brothers and sisters, who have been persecuted for hundreds of years under the name of Christianity and have lived in reservations. This is the mission given to our church. Thank you for your interest and prayers.


Team Leader Information 단기선교 팀장 연락처

Team Leader : Deacon Coby Kim


Contact Person : Deacon Coby Kim

Email :

Phone number : 310-619-8466


Images from the Mission Field 선교지의 모습들

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